Gabby's Handmade Soap

Soap Nuts (Large Bag)

Also called Soap Berries $20.00 does 170-200 loads naturally no chemicals..

How to use all natural Soap Nuts:  Just place 7 to 9 whole soap nuts in the included drawstring wash bag 'tie it' and toss it into the washer with your clothes.  Don't use any detergent or fabric softener.  With a top loading washer, the soap nuts will last for about 8-10 washes without having to change them.  With a front loading HE machine, the soap nuts will last for about 10-12 washes without having to change them.  The soap nut shells are very sudsy so if you are wondering if you need to change them out, just simply put them into a jar with a few ounces of water, shake and see if you have suds.  If so, you can get another load out of them, pour the water into the washer, bag the soap nuts and toss in for another load.  Your clothes will come out smelling amazingly fresh like you hung them outside on a clear spring day.  Plus your clothes will be softer and more absorbent then ever, which is amazing because you never have to use fabric softeners or dryer sheets with Soap Nuts.  Soap Nuts are equal to Tide in cleaning ability. !  a 12 ounce bag can last for up to170-200 loads of Laundry!

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