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Natural Headache Be Gone

A natural way to get rid of a headache immediately, and a great relief from nasal congestion, all done naturally.  For thousands of years the Chinese have used mints to relieve headaches and sinus congestion, caused by tension or over-exertion, PMS or simply the time of the month. We start with natural cornmint, this will open your sinus and allow for easier breathing immediately, the reason it works so fast is it's mixed with jojoba oil, and that is an oil that penetrates the skin almost immediately so the cornmint is absorbed quickly and relief is there immediately. We also put a little bit of lavender in it to relax you. Put some on your fingertips, gently massage it in behind the ears and on the temples, the nice thing about this is it works fast and it's the same price as a bottle of aspirin but you don't need water, nor is it invasive so you don't have to worry about aspirin stomaches ever again. Because this is all natural, you can use as much as you want and it will never harm your body. Enjoy the natural way to rid yourself of a headache.

About Headache-Gone

$7.99 per item.